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The Importance of Good Foot & Ankle Health

Keeping your feet and ankles healthy and strong is of vital importance in maintaining an active lifestyle.

After all, just think of how many thousands of miles a pair of feet will carry the average person in their lifetime! While feet and ankles are often taken for granted, a person experiencing an issue with either will quickly realize how incredibly important good foot and ankle health is to their overall health & well-being.

Our Level Of Care Makes All The Difference

At Fall Creek Foot & Ankle, we offer the patient the highest quality of compassionate care to treat numerous foot and ankle disorders. We combine advanced techniques, extensive training, exceptional service, and a patient-care centered atmosphere to deliver results that will meet and exceed your expectations while getting you on the right track towards better foot and ankle health.

We Treat Many Types of Feet & Conditions

Some of the most common types of feet and conditions that we treat include aging feet, athlete’s feet, bunions, children’s feet, corns & calluses, diabetes, flat feet, foot & ankle injuries, foot ulcers, hammertoe, heel pain, ingrown toenails, neuromas, plantar warts, sports injuries, tendinitis, toenails, ulcers, and warts. However, this list is not meant to be inclusive, and we ask that you give us a call if you are experiencing an issue that you do not see described here. If we are not the best practice to help you, we will certainly take the time to point you in the right direction!

The health of your body starts with your feet. Our mission is ensuring good health & wellness, one step at a time!


From pediatrics to geriatrics, we effectively treat foot and ankle conditions in patients of various backgrounds. Whether you were born with your condition or it came about due to everyday stress, a sports injury, trauma, or aging, Dr. Bodeker and our team of friendly staff is committed to finding the best treatment option for your symptoms and lifestyle.

Our leading technologies, such as GaitScan and Digital X-Rays, allow us to correctly diagnose and treat even the most challenging and rare foot and ankle problems.

GaitScan Technology

GaitScan Technology is a far superior diagnostic tool than simply having a physician observe the patient walking. This is because gait problems, even those that cause painful conditions, are often very subtle and difficult to detect through simple visual observation. The GaitScan works by slowing down the gait cycle and allowing Dr. Bodeker to break down every phase for careful observation and analysis.

Digital X-Rays

For in-office imaging diagnostics, we use a state-of-the-art digital system which provides us with superior clarity and quick results to speed your diagnosis process.

In-Office Treatments

We provide a variety of therapies and custom treatment options. Some of the most common non-invasive methods that we use to treat foot and ankle issues are laser therapy, prescribing necessary medications and topical creams/gels, custom inserts/orthotics, injection therapy, and referring patients to physical therapy or vascular physicians. Just as no two patient’s conditions are exactly the same, our treatment plans take the whole patient into consideration and are customized based on a number of factors that Dr. Bodeker will take into consideration.

Foot & Ankle Surgery

In some circumstances, such as in cases of severe foot and ankle trauma or situations involving a condition that doesn’t respond well to other treatment options, having Dr. Bodeker perform a surgical procedure may be the best treatment option. If it is determined that having surgery is the best option for you or a loved one, you can rest assured knowing that you are in great hands with our practice. We will thoroughly explain all aspects of the procedure, address all concerns, and carefully monitor the patient after the surgery has been performed.

What Our Patients Have To Say About Us...

A positive patient experience is of paramount importance to our practice. The Testimonials section of our website allows potential patients to read reviews and existing patients to let us know how we’re doing by leaving feedback about their experience at our practice.

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